I love my work.  Every day I get to engage with smart people, motivated teams and committed organizations.  And, I get to apply my work experience, my sense of curiosity and cutting edge research to important issues.

During my career in the telecommunications and biotechnology industries, I worked with intelligent and highly educated people--engineers, scientists and technologists--who were at the forefront of shaping our world.  Even the smartest people, I learned, have challenges.  For some it was finding ways to communicate their work to non-technical employees.  For others, working collaboratively, resolving conflict or supervising a team were difficult.  Many did not understand how to navigate politics or position themselves for career advancement.  These were things I understood well and I found satisfaction in helping my colleagues build competencies in these areas.  Leadership, I knew, was cultivated not born.

I started my company in 2000 to focus on the unique development needs of scientists, engineers and technologists and the organizations who employ them.  At times, I bring professionals with complementary expertise on to our team.  I am always, however, directly involved in each project.  After more than 15 years, I consider it a privilege to learn and grow with my clients.