At PorterBay Insight, we take a consultative, evidence-based approach founded on the principle that you must identify differentiators before you can measure or develop them.  These differentiators may encompass a broad range of factors that impact your ability to attract, retain and motivate the talent you need to succeed. 

We anchor our work in strengths-based approaches; research in leadership and neuro-science; and a focus on practical solutions that meet a business need. We like to measure what we do.  We believe in systems approaches.  We help you identify the elements of your culture and employee practices that align, and do not align, with your goals. 

We believe that work can be meaningful and that most people want to succeed in their roles.  We don’t believe in putting people into boxes but we do believe that there are meta principles that can help individuals be better managers and leaders. 

You will always work with the founder.  We will never take on more work that we can deliver on with excellence.  We want to be partners – not vendors.  Our approach is not for everyone and we will be honest in helping you decide whether we are a good fit.  When we are not – we will help you find a resource who is better suited to your needs.  

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