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Your workforce is full of well-educated, highly intelligent individuals. But those that standout — those with the greatest potential — also demonstrate interpersonal and leadership skills. Your most skilled professionals often need development in these areas. To develop a workforce of strong, rooted leaders at all levels of your organization you need to identify and nurture the competencies, those performance differentiators, you value most.

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5 Tips to Build Leadership Skills in STEM Professionals

STEM fields require specialized leadership skills, and we know how to develop those skills.

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Professional Development - Whose Responsibility?

This survey is one in a series designed to probe views on the topic of professional development.

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Insight from PorterBay

  • Unconscious Anxiety and Your ABC’s

     I’ve written previously about how conscious and unconscious anxiety can affect the way we think and damage the quality of our decisions. When the anxiety is unconscious, we have to become aware of it before we can address it. Here are some signs that you may be experiencing unconscious anxiety:     1:  Avoidance: Difficulty starting tasks (procrastination); finding...

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  • The Brain Robber

    Humans are responsible for making countless decision every day. Even when having a particularly bad day we are still required to get up and make choices. Unfortunately, our ability to make good decisions can be hijacked when we experience stress. The cause of this disruption exists in a small region of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala resides in...

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  • Dancing Liberty – Hire Smart

    Tax deadline looms – how do I know? Each day I pass a large dancing Statue of Liberty waving, and sometimes twirling high in the air, large sign boards at a busy intersection near my home. To be honest, I have no idea what is written on the signs and I’ve never visited the tax preparation service they promote. But no matter how many times I pass this...

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I love my work.  Every day I get to engage with smart people, motivated teams and committed organizations.  And, I get to apply my work experience, my sense of curiosity and cutting edge research to important issues.


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