PorterBay Insight was founded in 2000 by Sherry Harsch-Porter, PhD., to help individuals and organizations identify and nurture leadership abilities; develop effective teams; and create a high performing work culture. Prior to forming PorterBay Insight, Sherry worked for more than two decades at some of the top finance, science and technology corporations, including AT&T/Southwestern Bell Corporation and DuPont. Over the course of her corporate career, she held positions in a wide variety of functions, including finance, IT, international business development and human resources.

This mix of experiences provided a valuable and unique perspective on the staffing, leadership and skill needs of science-, engineering-, and technology-based organizations.  Armed with this first-hand knowledge, PorterBay Insight was designed to meet the leadership development needs of STEM professionals and the organizations who hire them.

Fifteen years later, Porter Bay Insight has become a valuable resource for professionals who want to grow in their careers and organizations who want to attract and retain this valuable talent pool.