Welcome to PorterBay Insight, a leadership and organizational development consulting firm. We believe that selecting, developing and retaining the right people is key to your organization’s success.  Our mission is to guide you through processes that lead to actionable insights, informed decisions and intelligent perspectives on people.

We do more than just assess strengths and weaknesses. Our TalentMining process identifies the current and future competencies you need to succeed in your industry.  It uses this gap analysis to support a succession planning process for all critical roles.  Our ReadyNowTalent programs accelerate development for high potential employees to create the bench strength you need for key positions and future leadership.

Our InsightLab uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools to assess personality, workplace priorities and leadership competencies.  We use this knowledge to develop personalized strategies to increase performance, improve team effectiveness and build more productive relationships.

Our goal is simple — we want to transform organizations by cultivating leadership capacity in employees.